Other Clients

Darren was employed by www.jkdesign.com for almost 10 years (through Jan 2014). His most recent position at JK Design was VP Interactive & I.T. He was responsible for a team of 20 web/mobile/video specialists that included project managers, producers, analysts, designers, developers/programmers, animators, video editors, social community managers and content/copywriters.

Some of the 2013 web/mobile launches that Darren supervised:
www.pfs.com – responsive (with CMS)
www.automann.com – e-commerce (Magento)
www.allcladbeginnings.com – responsive & parallax
www.cisuvc.com – responsive (with CMS)
www.howsylvanworks.com – responsive
www.avaya.com/usa/campaign/magazine/2013/2 (one of many editions)
http://masterclass.jnjinnovation.com (followed regulatory process)
http://applications.nam.lighting.philips.com/forward (parallax)

Prior years:
www.lifecell.com (tissue services)
http://getinvolved.rutgers.edu (later duplicated to 20+ Rutgers sites)
www.palmersquare.com (social media specialization)
www.royalwine.com (product database)
http://resource.covance.com (complex security system)
www.zundagroup.com (Flash based)
www.innophos.com (Oracle back-end CMS)

Mobile Apps with Web CMS solutions:
www.jkdesign.com/work/portfolio/oticon-pediatrics-ipad-app and many more