Mobile App Development

Today, everyone’s using iPhones, iPads, Android phones/tablets and other mobile devices to communicate, get information and find products and services. Nyetech can help you reach and engage your customers with interactive Mobile Apps that make it easy and convenient to promote your company, services, and products.

Mobile Apps can be created as either simple HTML5 based websites that simply work well with the mobile device — or they can be HTML5 wrapped/compiled to a program that can be published/deployed either on iTunes or on your website. Apps can also be coded with multi-platform tools such as Appcelerator’s Titanium (a Javascript tool). However Apps that are written in the device’s native language (such as Objective C for iPhones and Java for Android) — can perform much better than other HTML5 or Javascript options.

Contact Us to describe your needs and we will give you our thoughts on various options.