Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

You may have the most beautiful website ever, after finishing and launching your new website. And our CMS systems give you the SEO tools for entering organic SEO details. But that is only the beginning. Getting found on the search engines requires ongoing dedication and persistence.

Without investing ongoing time and money in writing original content and focusing on organic SEO on a page by page basis, you will likely not be found within the first three pages of search engine results, for any of your targeted keywords/phrases.

Using our CMS to publish new content on a weekly or monthly basis and using the SEO tools correctly, spending time to tweak your keywords on a regular basis, may help improve your organic rankings with less popular keywords/phrases. Nyetech can help you setup and even maintain organic SEO.

Nyetech will first perform an initial competitive analysis of any keywords and phrases you are interested in targeting, and then publish tweaked versions of these phrases to your website via the CMS. During setup, we would use the same SEO tools that are available to you with our CMS, and create custom Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Meta Keywords, in addition to creating custom URL Segments/Slugs and Headers, to target specific keyword phrases per page.

Initial Analysis and Setup is the first step of our optional Search Engine Optimization services. Other services are available, but depend on your market, expectations, budget and what your competitors are doing. They may include any of the following listed below.

Initial Analysis and Setup

Initially your website should have one keyword or key phrase targeting each individual page. Nyetech can provide these services to you. The following steps are normally provided as part of our Initial Analysis and Setup:

1. Google Analytics Setup – If Google Analytics is already setup for your website, Nyetech will need access to the login (you can also add as an authorized user). If you haven’t setup Google Analytics, Nyetech will create an account for you. Google Analytics reports on various types of traffic to your site, and makes it easier to identify what is and is not working during your SEO campaign.

2. Keyword Analysis – You may be asked to provide an initial list of approximately 15 to 20 suggested keywords and/or phrases for the site, sorted from highest priority to lowest. We will then research and investigate which keywords and phrases are best for your Website, utilizing Google Analytic tools or others such as Wordtracker or Keyword Spy. Adding a regional term such as “NJ” to key phrases is advisable, to provide the best results.

3. Search Engine Ranking Report – After your keywords are selected, we will use a reporting tool to document your current Website placement/ranking in Google and Bing (Yahoo Search is provided by Bing) for your selected keywords, and we may report on how your site compares to your competitors. A current site ranking report may then be provided to you for review. Additional site ranking reports can be provided to you on a quarterly basis, for additional project fees.

4. Meta Tagging & Content Editing – For approximately 15 of your pages, Nyetech will plan which keywords or phrases should ideally be targeted on each page. Nyetech will utilize your custom Meta Tagging Tools available in the CMS and optional SEO plug-ins, to specify the Meta Tags, a custom URL Segment/Slug, Menu Link Names and Headers. Your content on each page may also be tweaked, to include the targeted keyword or key phrase. Note that the content change may not make perfect grammatical sense, but these changes are implemented for best search engine optimization as opposed to best human readability.

5. Search Engine Map Listings – Nyetech can create or edit/update and verify basic listings (up to 5 of your locations) on several search engine mapping tools including, and Listings may enhance the possibility of your company being found in local business search results. Note that verification normally uses an automated telephone service to verify your business phone number; thus cooperation with the receptionist who answers your phones, will be required. Several pictures (if available) can also be uploaded on some of these services. For additional fees, Nyetech may also be able to publish existing videos to your map listings. When Web visitors are searching Google and other search engines, GeoMapping is used to display business listings from Google Places that are within the geographic area the person is searching from (or searching about based on city/state name, zip code, etc).

6. Search Engine Submission – Upon completion of the site’s development, new domain names will be submitted to key search engines to encourage both crawling of the site by spiders and the development of links from various sources. Search engines included are:

7. Analysis Report – Upon completion of the Initial Analysis and Setup for SEO, you will be given a short report that summarizes what was accomplished, relating to the above steps. In addition, recommendations may also be suggested for additional SEO and SEM work that should be implemented.

8. Social Media Account Setup – Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc) have a direct impact on your SEO. The more active you are in Social Media, the higher your Search Rankings will be. Nyetech can help you setup your Social Media accounts. However you must be prepared to publish ongoing content and maintain communication with your customers via these sites – in order to be taken seriously and stay relevant.


Sometimes we need more than SEO. Without relevant content and links to your site, or evolving/regular content updates that people are linking to, it’s possible that your site will not appear at the top of search results. Google strives to provide the most popular and relevant results. You can review Google’s policies at

Nyetech can provide the following Pay Per Click (PPC) setup and management services for your Website project, after completing your Organic Search Engine Optimization setup. The fees for SEM depend on the saturation (popularity) of your selected keywords. The more saturated your selected keywords are, the more difficult it will be—and the longer it will take—to improve your search engine results for these keywords.

It may take several months or more for your site to appear in Google, Bing/MSN and Yahoo search results. Websites with new domains may take much longer to be indexed on Google.

PPC (e.g., Google AdWords) provides immediate results and may be the best short-term solution while your organic SEO takes hold. We can setup and manage your PPC accounts.
* With Google AdWords, you must place a “bid” for the cost you are willing to pay for clicks on your selected keywords and phrases. If you are one of the highest bidders, your ad may appear on the first two search results pages as a “sponsored ad” for your selected keyword. If someone clicks on your ad, you are charged your bid amount. Once your specified daily maximum has been reached, your ad will no longer appear on that day. You are not charged when your ad is displayed—only when it is clicked.

* Please note that all third-party PPC fees from Google AdWords or other search engines must be billed to your credit card. These costs are in addition to our SEM fees.