Social Media

Social Media, Social Networking, Community Management. They are all essentially the same thing. It all relates to how you publicly communicate with your customers, prospects and even employees, through social properties.

Unless you are living in a box, you will realize that the most popular of social outlets include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Facebook – good for less formal communication, more fun
  • Twitter – good for formal business communication, with short direct messages
  • LinkedIn – the grand-dad of employment communication, jobs galore
  • Pinterest – pictures shared that have little other content, but can be addictive
  • YouTube – the most popular video sharing network, find anything!
  • Google+ – the search engine’s version of Facebook – but probably done better
  • Tumblr – another popular blog platform
  • Instagram – another photo sharing network

Nyetech can help you sort out which social platforms make sense for you – and how to keep your social presence up-to-date. Otherwise your social site will be irrelevant. It’s also important to understand how to tactfully and succinctly deal with public criticism.