Web Design NJ

When working directly with Nyetech on a new Web Design NJ project, you receive a high level of professionalism and experience (25 years in the I.T. industry) at an affordable rate.

Nyetech is considered a NJ WordPress Expert. We normally utilize existing WordPress Themes (Interface Designs), from vendors who specialize in creating themes that work on multiple major browsers and popular mobile devices. You will be able to use the HTML/CSS and the WordPress CMS that Nyetech implements, on almost any Web host.

We can also manage multichannel (print, web, mobile, video, social, analytics) digital marketing strategy and implementation projects and teams within larger companies. Darren has experience managing small local teams andĀ global cross-functional teams. In addition, he has been a member of an enterprise architecture group, and has managed multi-million dollar global projects.

How is a website created?

The following steps are normally followed when creating a new website:

Requirements Gathering/Analysis:

We usually start our work on a new project with thorough research of our clients’ needs: the target audience, existing competition and the goals our clients would like to accomplish. We work with them every step of the way to define measurable goals and objectives of the website that we’re about to design for them.

During this step, we also define the information architecture and user experience, as well as functional requirements. A proposed site map is presented to the client showing the architecture of the site. And after approval, the basic theme is implemented and an HTML prototype is created.

Interface Design:

There are several ways to finalize a look and feel for your Web design NJ. The least expensive, would be to first choose an existing website template from any leading WordPress themes company. It must be tested on multiple browsers, and work with most major plug-ins.

The selected design should closely match the functional requirements of the website. When choosing an existing template, all that has to be done is to create the pages via the CMS and compile and publish the content.

If you would like an original custom created website design, Nyetech works with leading Web Designers who have created award-winning website designs. Your custom design can then be implemented as a WordPress Theme.


At this point, the Project Requirements and Interface Designs, can be turned over to a developer for programming (if required) and implementation, or more commonly Nyetech will manage the implementation and rollout when simply utilizing an existing Theme.

The website would be built based on requirements developed in the prior steps, in accordance with the delivery schedule defined in a contract. During this stage, the back-end functionality is implemented in form of online content, online storefronts, catalogs etc – as per the functional requirements.

When we develop a website, we make sure that it works with current versions of leading Web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer.

If your site is being implemented as Responsive Web Design, it will also be tested on current versions of iOS with iPhones and iPads.

We can also implement Search Engine Optimization techniques, to improve your Web rankings.

Last but not least, always remember to Clear your Web Browser’s Cache before viewing your latest Web site changes.